If Only – Design Mistakes to Avoid in Any Kitchen Makeover

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A fun and creative task, designing the kitchen can also be more than a little challenging. Whether it’s deciding what colours to use or thinking about appliances and counters, there is much to consider when designing this main room. Making mistakes can be easily done, especially when caught up in a plan and design. Here are some major mistakes to avoid when giving the kitchen a complete makeover.

Playing it too safe

It can be incredibly tempting to simply play it safe when it comes to designing the kitchen. However safe can often mean dull and boring; two words that completely contrast the type of ambience the kitchen should present. A room that will be used when cooking, socialising, eating and cleaning, it’s vital that the kitchen is a place where homeowners and guests want to be.

Creating a warm, intimate and friendly atmosphere is a must when designing this important room. A splash of colour and a few personal, handmade items will ensure that the kitchen radiates both positivity and creativity. With light and lovely pastel shades currently all the range, it’ll be easy as can be for homeowners to find a welcoming colour for the walls. Co-ordinating colours and having a predominant theme, such as having a cherry kettle, a ruby fridge and a touch of red on the walls, will make for an organised yet innovative design. Taking risks and chances is the one and only way to create a unique, original and inspiring space!

Being OTT when it comes to décor

Whilst it’s important not to play it safe, it’s also essential that householders don’t go too overboard in terms of décor and design. A kitchen beaming with bright, luminous colours may be a little too much to look at all the time. Using a touch of colour is great but if homeowners find they have to wear sunglasses upon entering, it is probably a bit OTT. Whilst having twenty lights hanging from the ceiling may be unique, it may also look a little too much like Christmas everyday.


Kitchen design is important in a home.

Keeping it minimalistic when it comes to décor is definitely recommended; having a few, big striking items will be much more appreciated than having dozens of small, unnecessary decorations dotted around the room. In this sense, it’s vital for homeowners to watch out that they don’t cross the line between inspiring and overboard.

Over-cluttering work and floor space

Whilst designing, householders should remember that the kitchen needs to remain a practical place. Focusing on style is fantastic but don’t completely neglect practicality. Those set on having an island layout need to ensure there is still enough floor-space to easily manoeuvre around. Overloading the kitchen with counters and appliances will create a cluttered atmosphere, leaving homeowners with little space to shuffle about. Always keep in mind that the kitchen is above all a work space and will ultimately need to be functional as well as stylish.

Neglect lighting

Having a well-lit kitchen is essential. Lighting will arguably make or break this main room as it undoubtedly has a major effect on the overall ambience. A dull and dreary room as opposed to a light and friendly space will make for unwelcoming and uninviting kitchen. A well-lit room also creates the illusion of extra space, enabling smaller kitchens to adopt a stylish and stunning look.
Avoiding these mistakes will help you a lot in kitchen design


A kitchen makeover takes money, time and most importantly thought. From playing it too safe to over-cluttering work and floor space, there are many easy mistakes homeowners can make when re-doing the kitchen. Those thinking to re-design this main room today should ensure they keep these few, helpful tips in mind at all times.


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