Installation tips for swimming pool lights

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Like all major possessions or investments in life, one can get complacent about upkeep or issues related to maintenance and prolonged care. Owning a swimming pool is no different. While the initial joy of designing and installing the pool of your dreams doesn’t fade for quite a while, in the rush of having a brand new swimming pool raising the beauty of your property, it’s common for swimming pool owners to forget certain things. A lot of the time this is due to total ignorance of the subject.

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But fret no more! I am here to tell you all the different things that swimming pool owners tend to ignore about lights and lighting, and I’ll also be providing some elaboration, feedback and advice. After reading the following tips, do a self-audit and see if you’re a well-informed (and well-lit!) swimming pool owner, or if there are some things to learn.

Let’s get into it!

1)      POOR LIGHTING IS A SAFETY HAZZARD – A lot of pool owners design and consider their swimming pool based on how they intend to use it during daytime. It’s extremely common to encounter pool owners who consider what the pool is going to look like at night as an afterthought. This is very dangerous thinking, as an under-lit swimming pool is an incredibly dangerous drowning and safety hazard at nights.  Never ignore the safety needs of your family! Always invest in a quality, and robust lighting system. This means you have enough lights that ensure the pool is clearly visible in all conditions.

2)      CONSIDER THE IMPACT OF LIGHTS ON SEATING AREAS – Another issue that’s common is for swimming pool owners to ignore how their pool, and its lights, fits within the entire context of their backyard landscaping, design, and seating arrangements. An incredibly annoying thing to experience is to have pool lights glaring directly into the eyes of people in the seated areas surrounding the swimming pool. You can avoid this by ensuring that you install your lights on only on swimming pool walls that face away from seating areas.

3)      REDUCE SHADOWS FOR CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER – Sometimes the difference between postcard-perfect water, that looks like it’s out of a swimming pool brochure, and water that has an odd or ominous look to it is down to lighting effects. With only one light source installed in your pool, harsh shadows can be created under the water, emphasizing any tile or surface imperfections. To achieve that stunning crystal clear look, position to light sources opposite from one another, to remove harsh shadowing, and to create a flawless impression.

4)      LIGHTS WILL REACT TO TILE AND LINING COLORS – When swimming pool owners are considering what they want the mood of their swimming pool to ‘feel like’, it’s vital that they look at the colouring of their pool tiles and liners. Pool lights can enhance the aesthetics of a swimming pool if they are correctly matched to tiling colours and patterns.  Do you want your pool to feel romantic? Warm? Cool? All of these will require you to look at different colouring and finishing options, before you consider the style of lighting you’d like to use.

Having said all that, an age old tip will still apply: You get what you pay for. When it comes to investments like swimming pools, it’s incredibly important to consider their long-term use and maintenance. This means that always choosing the cheapest option when it comes to pool lights could work against you in the long-run. Always pick high-quality lights and equipment that will last a long period of time, and will not malfunction or get damaged prematurely. For more information on quality pool lights Sydney homeowners trust, visit Metro Pools and Heating at


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