Jali Furniture – The Complete Guide

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Jali furniture continues to increase in popularity in home interior design. In a world of mass-produced, standard-issue furniture, Jali furniture pieces truly stand out. They are just totally different to anything else out there on the market. Little is known about Jali furniture among the design world other than the fact that it is very popular. Let’s take a deeper look at this popular furniture design, its materials and applications.

What defines Jali design?

Jali Furniture has been inspired from Jali work observe in Islamic and Indian architecture. It’s all about mimicking the intricate level of detail and delicacy that highly skilled draftsmen historically applied to stone architecture in India. Jali furniture is handmade – nothing is mass produced or poorly put together. Manufacturing this type of furniture requires significant time and effort and meticulous precision. Imperfections are to be expected and are considered as part of this furniture’s charm. They ensure that every piece is different.

Jali Furniture

Jali architecture was based on intriguing perforated, latticed and filigreed work. Typical Jali furniture designs can involve simple lattice work with interlacing diagonal designs. Designs are largely inspired by geometric Islamic art so you’ll notice the star Jali features quite frequently. Floral motifs are also very frequently used in Jali design.

What materials are used in Jali furniture?

Jali furniture is typically made from hardwood such as Sheesham, a wood native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southern Iran. Acacia is very frequently used in the manufacture and design of Jali furniture as is Mango wood and other fine Indian rosewoods. Wrought iron has become a quite popular material in recent years too.

What you’ll often see with Jali furniture is a mix of fine wood with metallic features. Often the metallic work is built into the furniture in a lattice style plait design. This takes significant time and effort and is the result of a high level of skill and craftmanship.

What type of furniture does Jali design lend itself to?

Jali design can lend itself beautifully to any piece of furniture. However, given the level of time, skill and cost involved, Jali design is best saved for core furniture pieces such as living room seating, centre tables, dining chairs, coffee tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables and dressers. If you find that a room in your home requires a touch of class, adding a piece of Jali furniture can be the perfect solution. Be it a sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, study or bathroom, allow a piece of Jali furniture to be the key design feature of the room.

Jali Furnitures

Homeowners and interior designers adore Jali Furniture as the level of intricate design and craftsmanship speaks for itself. As Jali furniture is inspired from an age-old architectural tradition, its availability is quite limited too. Indeed, a key attraction to this type of furniture is that is quite exclusive, not to mention it looks incredibly luxurious. The durable construction is a very appealing purchase factor. Will you be adding a Jali furniture piece to your home?


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