Key Points for Installing Bathtub

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The placement of bathtub

The placement of bathtub has free standing form and embedded form. Free standing form refers to place the bathtub directly on the ground. It has the feature of convenient to install and repair. It suits to home finished the renovation of ground. The installation method of embedded bathtub is to embed totally or part of the bathtub into the ground. Relatively speaking, embedded bathtub is convenient to use – get in and get out of it. It is recommended for weakling and disabled.

Key Points for Installing Bathtub 1

Key point for installing free standing bathtub

The installation of free standing bathtub is easy. Water inlet and outlet is what home owner should pay attention to. Prepare the water inlet and outlet of bathtub and other needed access before installation. Put the bathtub on two wood plates. Turn on the water inlet and outlet switch to test whether they are work. Try to inject water in the bathtub to know whether it leak. If everything is ok after the above test, then the installation of free standing bathtub is finished.

Key point for installing embedded bathtub

The key point for installing embedded bathtub lays on water proofing. After the pipeline of bathtub is installed, home owner should fix the slotting part timely for achieving good water proofing effect. Check whether there is leaking phenomenon within two days. Cover the ground in correct order. Pad the embedded bathtub with foam brick. The common height of bathtub after padding is bellow 60cm. Leave 250x300mmaccess hole near the drain pipe.

Key Points for Installing Bathtub 2

Things need attention for installing bathtub

1 check whether the position of bathtub is proper. Check whether the drainage facility is installed correctly. The bathtub should be installed stability. Antifouling, anti-clogging and anti-striking measure should be taken to bathtub and sewer. Avoid touching the bathtub when using angle grinder and point welding machine. They will cause damage to the glaze of bathtub.

2 ground lead and earth leakage circuit breaker should be considered when you choose massage bathtub. Have water proofing measure around the socket underboarding. This is for prevent the accident of electric leakage. Testing whether the noise of motor is up to standard before connect the pipes.

3 check whether the ground for placing bathtub with holder is flat before installation. Adjust the nut to level bathtub with the help of levelling instrument after the bathtub is installed.

4 cover soft material on the bathtub to protect it during the installation process. Do not stand on bathtub or place heavy item on the edge of bathtub during the installation process. The bathtub is available 24 hours later.


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