Lighting, Mirrors and So Much More: Modern Trends in Bathroom Decor

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For many years now bathroom renovation has been one of the smartest home improvements a homeowner could make. Updating the bathroom to a more modern and liveable style can enhance the beauty of the room but also increase its resale value.

Bathroom Decor

If you are updating your bathroom in anticipation of a sale, it is important to keep up with current trends in the makeover market. From mix and match d├ęcor to unique lighting to the return of classic fixtures, here are some of the most interesting trends in bathroom remodeling.

Unique Lighting Options

You do not have to rely on those boring fluorescent globe lights or bar lights any longer. Homeowners are looking beyond the bar and incorporating unique lighting options into their bathroom remodeling projects.

These unique lighting options include hanging lights, pedestal lights and even pole lights for large bathrooms. Lighted medicine cabinets are also popular – something to consider if you are thinking about replacing your existing cabinet.

The Return of Classic Fixtures

Bright stainless steel fixtures have seen their day. Many modern homeowners are outfitting their bathrooms with warmer classic fixtures in copper, brass and even gold. Whether you buy these classic fixtures from Bed Bath & Beyond or the local hardware store, updating the look of your vanity is a wonderful way to enhance the look of the entire room.

Replacing your existing bathroom fixtures is one of the simplest home improvement projects you can do. For most homeowners the replacement will take only an hour or two, and the results can be truly spectacular.

Natural – and Even Living – Walls

If you are tired of looking at the same old bathroom wallpaper, you have reason to rejoice. Natural walls are making a comeback, so feel free to rip out that ugly wallpaper and replace it with the beauty of natural wood grain.

Bathroom Decors

Some homeowners are going even further to be clean and green. Living moss wall tiles are all the rage, so feel free to experiment with different materials.

Water-Saving Toilets

Modern toilets are designed to use much less water than their older counterparts. If you are getting ready to replace your old toilet, think about incorporating one of these water-saving designs into the bathroom.

Modern buyers are looking for green technology in the bathroom, and the simple presence of a water-saving toilet is sure to get the attention of the attendees at your next open house. Best of all, you will be saving money on your water bills month after month, even if you are not selling your home.

Mix and Match Tiles

Many bathroom makeovers are not incorporating mix and match tiles. If you hate the look of your bathroom floor, consider adding a bit of style with unique tile patterns.

You can find these mix and match tiles everywhere, from the largest home improvement warehouses to the smallest websites. Once you have the pack open, you can experiment to your heart’s desire until you find the perfect look for your new bathroom.

Suzanne Green works in property and works with plenty of interior designers. She likes to be able to pass on her suggestions and tips online and is a regular writer for a few property websites.


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