Making the most of your designer bathroom

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There’s something about a designer bathroom that really completes and sets off a home. There is something after all quite attainable about bathroom luxury, something we can all indulge in, retreat to, and literally… soak up. Indeed, those four walls of ‘wow’ are so desirable for most people that estate agents insist when it comes to selling property… bathrooms and their kitchen cousins are what generally swing it. The best of it is that achieving a luxury look needn’t come with a luxury price tag… shop around and there is definite value for money to be found.

Lighting the way

Few accessories will offer quite such an impressive finishing touch to your designer bathroom as an illuminated mirror. There is something about a gently lit reflection that is redolent of old-school Hollywood, it speaks of glamour, of theatre… only these days the right product can offer so much more than flash bulbs and flattery.

Mirrors can be ingenious as well as functional and stylish – not for today’s luxury looking glasses would the philosophical mantra ‘I reflect, therefore I am’ suffice! Instead, luxury mirrors can be designed to maximally enhance viewing for shaving, personal grooming and make-up application: you may choose one that combines infra red power sensors – one swipe of the hand and voila… let there be light (no more smudgy finger prints on the glass thank you very much); anti-mist technology that stops bathroom steam fogging up your reflection so you needn’t wait an age for the mist to clear, you simply carry on grooming; a cleverly concealed 240volt socket for the use of electric shavers or toothbrushes; even ambient backlighting that by enhancing colours and textures in the surrounding wall will effectively create something of an art installation in your bathroom… just with the ‘flick’ of an infra red ‘switch.’ And these aren’t just gimmicks either, they’re real and available to buy – the result of mixing together extensive research, quality manufacturing techniques and some serious interior design skill.

What’s on offer?

If it all sounds too good or economically possible to be true, take a look online. There are some very impressive products out there that are not just ultimately practical but genuinely visually stunning and guaranteed to show off your bathroom to maximum effect. Sites such as have a wide range of illuminated mirrors – and cabinets – on offer in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, plus they’re reasonably priced and favourable feedback via eKomi points to a real emphasis on good service and customer care.

Do take your time to browse and consider which style of mirror would work best for you. The options are many, but not everyone offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Bear in mind the space you have to play with, the size of the sink over which the mirror will sit, and judge your choice accordingly. Ideally the width of the mirror should exceed that of the sink, not the other way round.


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