Maximizing the use of a utility space in the home

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Do you ever feel like you have that one room in your house that you’re just not sure what to do with? It’s not exactly a bedroom, it’s not exactly an office, and it’s just indefinable. But just because you don’t know what to call this room, doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. In fact, this bonus room or utility space has the potential to be one of the most useful and well-loved spaces in your entire house. All it takes is a bit of creativity and time to turn this from that random room with no purpose, into a multiple-purpose space that everyone in your family can use. So here are a few ideas for how to put that utility room to great use.

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Games room

Especially if you have kids, a games room is an excellent way to make use of the utility space in your house. This can be a room dedicated exclusively to games and games alone! You might put a big TV in there for video games, and don’t forget to leave some space in front for those Nintendo games. A ceiling-high bookshelf can house board games including all the old classics. At the weekends you and your family can have a rousing game of Monopoly or Pictionary for some great bonding time. The games room will benefit from some comfy sofas, side tables and a great coffee table to lay out your board games. You can also put some reading lights in there in case you decide you want to just relax with a book.


For younger children, it’s especially useful to have a room dedicated to their play. This way, you won’t constantly be cleaning up a cluttered floor in their bedroom. When the bedroom can be dedicated to sleeping and homework when they get older, your kids will be far less distracted when it’s time to focus on bedtime or schoolwork. The playroom can be their place to play, and clean-up time can be more casual. Organize their toys with bins and teach your children to clean up after themselves. If you provide an easy way for them to put their toys away in designated boxes or bins, they’ll be far happier to comply.

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A den is a room with many uses, and a great way to put your utility space into action. Generally, a den is similar to a living room but with a more elegant and formal feel to it. It’s somewhere that you might invite friends for drinks before dinner, or hold a book club or meeting with co-workers. You can decorate your den with elegant furniture, such as a desk or table made from dark cherry wood. This can be a space where you entertain company with music, so you may consider installing a stereo system in here or even have a piano. Don’t forget about comfortable places for people to sit. You can put a sofa bed in this room if you might need more sleeping space in your home.


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