Modular Chambers Offer a More Convenient Solution

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Straight chambers are often required by the water industry and there is now a new way of constructing these, through the use of modular chambers. These provide a more convenient approach for water companies and other associated industries; increasing the speed at which they can be installed and providing a durable solution.

These flat panels are suitable for use in a range of settings where concrete would previously have been used. This can include flow control chambers, pumping stations, ventilation chambers, modular boxes and other areas where water flow is strategically managed. They are also suitable for use in public water installations.Why use modular chambers?

Previously, concrete would have been used to manufacture the chambers onsite. This process would have been lengthy; increasing the time involved in completion of the project. Compared to this, the construction and installation of the flat panel system is much faster. The pre-fabricated panels are manufactured off-site. Once they’re transported to the site they are ready to fit into place.

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These panels provide users with the ability to customise the chambers to their exact requirements, rather than having to make do with something that doesn’t quite match what they need. The panels are manufactured to their individual measurements, with consideration for elements such as soil loads and groundwater pressure. They are designed and produced using the latest technology and software. This ensures that they meet all the relevant industry standards

There are no issues for the installation team once the chambers arrive on site. The flat panels have been constructed into ready-built structures. This means that following their arrival they can simply be slotted into place. This significantly reduces the amount of time the project takes to complete and ensures the chamber is constructed to the precise specifications and meets the needs of the water system.

When compared with the previous method, this modular construction offers an enhanced level of quality for the customer. The chambers are considerably stronger and more durable than before. As well as being quicker to install, they also provide environmental benefits over the concrete chambers.

The environmental agenda

All public and private businesses are concerned with their environmental image. However, for utility providers this is more of a political agenda and it’s vital that they are seen to be concerned with the ways in which they can improve their impact on the environment. These HDPE chambers are significantly better for the environment than concrete across the whole production cycle: from the manufacturing process through to transportation to site and final installation. This can help to reduce the carbon footprint of a business and portrays a better image to the public.

By specifying a modular chamber system you can ensure that you’ll receive a product that does exactly what you require of it and that fits perfectly. There will be no issues with quality and the chambers are designed to last for many years. This modular system is now the preferred choice of many companies across the country.


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