Mouseketeer Power with Minnie Mouse Party Supplies!

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Whether your kid is a hard-core Disney fan, or they can’t get enough of Minnie and Mickey, you’ll find that there are tons of fun available when you are looking at Minnie Mouse party supplies! These party supplies all have that iconic, round-eared, big-eyed sweetheart in the centre, and if this is what makes your child smile, a Minnie Mouse party is a fantastic way to get things rolling.

Remember that when you put together Minnie Mouse theme party the primary colour you should be looking for is red with white polka dots. Look for napkins that have this theme or that simply feature the mouse herself on them. Choose red and white for the streamers and the centre pieces, and look for plates that feature the character as well.

Another thing to remember is that you can always get your kids into the spirit as well with costumes and props. For example, one thing that Minnie is never seen without is her big hair bow. Look for a place that will provide you with a hair bow just like this, and make sure that you give one to each child who shows up to the party. You can even pick up large white gloves, and some of the big costume jewellery that Minnie sports in some of the older cartoons. One thing that you can do is to leave a bow and a bit of jewellery at every child’s plate, something that they can use to dress up right before the cake is brought out!

When your child has a deep love for the adorable antics and cutesy style of the grand dame of Disney herself, consider how much they will love a Minnie Mouse party. A little bit of fun goes a long way towards making sure that your child will remember this special party.


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