Moving house and in with the new

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There are so many things to consider when moving house, whether you are living alone, coupled up or part of a family it is essential that your new home caters for you all. From the layout of the bedrooms in the house to outside in the garden, there are so many decisions to make if you want to change or decorate a house to make it personal to you.

What kind of home are you?

Firstly, you can think about what kind of décor you would like your new home to have as homes can really reflect people’s personalities. For example, if you know you’re a tidy freak and like things ordered and organised then there are things you can do to make your home a storage sanctuary for yourself, or if you are a little wilder and eccentric then there are plenty of design tips such as buying funky bits of furniture to fit perfectly into your new home.

Customising and decorating

For most people moving into a new home, decorating is the most exciting (sometimes stressful!) part of the process. The kitchen is often the first room to be decked out as it’s the heart of the house where everyone comes together to eat, cook food and socialise – essentially it needs to be both a pleasant yet functional environment for everyone.

Once everything has been unpacked, it can be daunting to realise that there isn’t enough storage space for all your kitchen utensils, food blenders and salad bowls! But there are ways of eliminating this problem; firstly, you can make sure you have decluttered everything already when you packed up to move, then you can think about customising your kitchen to organise it better.

One way of doing this is you could go and look at buying new kitchen units which you could even design yourself, picking the style and colour, and buying kitchen storage accessories such as a cupboard organiser or utensil hanger. Now there are so many different styles and versions of kitchen cupboards and the style really is dependent on your personal tastes and preferences!

Kitchens have become so techy and clever with their functionalities and cool gadgets… Hidden pantries and kitchen cupboards now appear out of nowhere making kitchen experiences a whole lot more interesting.

Decorating the rest of the house depends on the layout, for example open plan houses with rooms flowing into each other would need the design theme to be consistent throughout the house whereas other houses may have different unique layouts and would need more creativity in the decorating of each room! There are many examples of studio houses in homeware stores which can help give you inspiration for those new homeowners who haven’t decorated a house before.

The end goal

For all homeowners the ambition is to create a home that will aid with keeping relationships strong and happy and stress free! Interior design is a brilliant platform for anyone to test their creativity and part of it is to enjoy it whether you are doing it alone or with a partner or new flatmate.


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