Passive Home Design and Your New Home

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How do you reduce your energy consumption and at the same time using the natural environment, comfort, value and enhance the beauty of your home would you like ? What it is all about passive home design . New home design, room layout and the direction of intelligent planning , interior comfort and improve natural lighting can save money .

This is to take advantage of the sun’s energy to design a new home for the thermal mass of the sun’s energy distribution, improved insulation and heat loss overcrowded bag waste by preventing the absorption is performed.

Passively collect the sun’s energy to maximize the southern exposure facing your home is all about . During the winter months the angle of the sun at noon on the horizon as low as 30% . Although it is still very cold outside the sun to warm your home that allows you to capture a significant amount of energy is emitted . This is the largest room with large windows facing south so that the spacing is done by design .

In contrast, summer at noon, the angle of the sun on the horizon, as high as 78% . Once again, a few simple plans , it is easy to deflect the sun’s energy from the inside . Yichang area, shading is performed using a sufficient roof overhang . In addition, most new windows reflected solar energy from a high angle and low angle of the winter it is coated with a special material that allows . These are simple tips that even the most popular one in keeping your home cool and comfortable, which will help .

Your home solar energy absorbed or reflected when the direction of the thermal mass in the design you are introduced. Thermal mass , water, concrete, bricks , tiles and easily absorb or radiate heat like a heavy rock material. Some methods of building thermal mass of the concrete floor and a tile or stone or brick interior walls. Thermal mass to the area to reflect the sun’s energy , plaster walls and ceilings made ​​of non-thermal mass than the effective area can be designed . A good example of this on the floor or the ceiling and down the wall from the ground through a window to the outside patio, lower the sun’s rays are reflected .

Design houses such as the green house during the day, a lot of warmth from the sun to create free energy . At night, the thermal mass to help maintain indoor comfort to release the stored heat energy .


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