Quality Quartz: Popular Choice for Kitchen Countertops

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Homeowners for years have had a wide array of materials to choose from when they are designing their kitchen countertops including granite and other types of stone, but quartz is an increasingly popular alternative thanks to its many benefits including its design versatility and ease to maintain.

Quartz is a man-made material that is engineered in factories that create slabs in a wide range of attractive designs, whether in simple colors or more adventurous designs with veins and flecks of different hues. Because it’s produced in a factory, there are several important beneficial qualities that help explain why people are increasingly turning to quartz for use in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a heavily used room where spills and other accidents are common, so quartz is a great choice because it’s very resistant to staining. No need to worry about a spilled wine glass or overturned pot permanently damaging these countertops. And they’re also a breeze to clean with soap and water, so regular maintenance is simple and stress-free.

Another practical benefit is ease of installation, because quartz can be pre-cut in slabs that take minimal fuss to fit in a kitchen compared to using granite or other materials.

But perhaps the biggest draw for using quartz is the wide range of styles available. As an example of how versatile quartz can be for designing countertops, consider an “island” that is a stand-alone counter in the center of the room. A great way to finish off this counter is with using gray quartz with subtle veins of light brown and gray.

Another way to make an impressive kitchen island is to use prefabricated white quartz for the countertop that is designed to resemble natural stone with its thin streaks of darker colors. This is also an ideal time to use a “waterfall” design that continues the design on the top of the counter down the sides of the island for an impressive visual.

Use of quartz doesn’t have to be limited to islands, as quartz countertops work well in any variation. One popular approach is for quartz with a white or cream base that is then flecked elaborately with black, gray, and silver markings for something that will truly stand out.


A more subtle approach that still retains the same overall design ethic is to use an all-white quartz countertop flecked with faint markings of silver. It’s an understated look that will prove welcoming to any visitor in such a busy room.

Then again, simplicity is often the best approach and quartz can be produced in single colors that look just as beautiful as other designs. For example, a sheer white quartz countertop works well with just about any color of flooring, units, and appliances.

These options are just a few of the many different ways that quartz countertops can be the perfect finish to a beautiful kitchen design, and help to show why quartz will continue to be one of the leading choices for kitchen design projects for the foreseeable future.


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