Repairing a sliding door – A quick look at the easiest steps

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When it comes to a sliding patio door, you need not muscle it in order to get it back gliding on track. In fact, a slider should move easily enough so that you can open it with one hand while balancing something else on the other hand. If you have a balky sliding door that only moves when you jiggle it along its track, it becomes pretty easy to get things rolling again. What is the reason behind sliding door getting stuck? Well, it is the dirty rollers that play a role in getting the rollers stuck. Food, mud and hair can get into the ground and become an obstacle to the free moving of this door. All the dirt clogs the rollers under the door and there some smart remedies by which you can repair your sliding door and get it back on its track. Check them out.sliding door repair

  1. Lower the door – Lay a cloth on the floor and pop off the plugs that are covering the roller adjustment screws at the bottom of the frame of the sliding door. These are most often located in the edges of the sliding door. Insert a flathead screwdriver into each hole and turn on the screw counter-clockwise. This will retract the rollers and also lower the door making it smoother.
  2. Remove the head stop of the door: Set up a couple of sawhorses with pads, take down any removable shades, drapes and grilles and then slide the door fully open to remove the headstop by taking out the screws. However, make sure that you don’t leave the door unattended as it might fall down.
  3. Remove from bottom track: While you stand aside, lean the top of the sliding door panel towards you and lift off the bottom of the track and then set the panel on the sawhorses. A word of caution for the person who does it: sliding doors are usually heavy and so you need to make sure you bend down your knees to take the weight off your back or you recruit your helper.
  4. Check the roller assemblies: Use a flathead screwdriver to pry each roller from its pocket in the bottom of the door. The rollers are typically held in by friction and the weight of the door. In case they’re already bent or broken, you can easily replace them with new roller assemblies.
  5. Clean the wheels: Remove any dirt from the wheels and then clean them with denatured alcohol and with a rag. Lubricate only with silicone spray as it doesn’t hold dirt. To reinstall, align each roller’s adjustment screw with the access hole and tap the assemblies with a hammer. Once they’re seated, retract the rollers as far as possible.
  6. Secure all the parts: Now that you’ve dismantled every part of the sliding door, you have to take steps to secure them together again. This is going to be an easy process as you have just dismantled them on your own.

So, the above mentioned steps are those that you need to follow in order to repair a sliding door. If you can’t, you can also opt for sliding door repair with the help of a doctor.


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