Selling Skills Plumbers Can Use to Promote Themselves

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Having a successful plumbing business will require much more than doing a good job fixing leaky pipes and overflowing toilets. You will need to sell your services to the general public in order to make them take notice of what it is you do. You cannot simply rely on customers to start calling you on their own. You must make your company visible to the masses so these people will consider booking an appointment with you instead of the plumber they have been using up until now. Here are some of the most effective methods that you can use to go about promoting your plumbing business.

  1. Write blog posts that are interesting to readers.

Blogs are a very useful tool that many business owners are using to gain customers. You do not need to be a computer whiz to maintain a blog. In fact, you can integrate your blog into the site for your plumbing business. This is what many business owners have already started to do. The key is to write blogs that are interesting to potential customers and tell them something they did not already know. You also need to word your blog posts in such a way that the people reading them will be interested in hiring you the next time they have a plumbing problem. You should refrain from turning your blog posts into blatant ads for your plumbing company. Instead, you should slip in some of the services you offer in a subtle manner. However, the bulk of your blog posts should not be about your business. People will not return to your site to read your blogs if they know the content you are posting will only be promoting your business.

  1. Include videos on your site to make your content more appealing to potential customers.

It should not be a surprise that most people would rather watch a video than read several paragraphs. Therefore, putting videos on the website for your plumbing business would be something you should seriously consider. However, making compelling videos that inform and entertain the visitors to your site is an essential selling skill that you must learn. Being able to make great video content for your site will help to take your plumbing business to the next level. A good idea would be to make weekly videos which provide helpful plumbing tips that visitors to your site can use on a daily basis.

  1. Have a testimonials page on your site where you post positive comments from previous customers.

One of the best ways to sell your plumbing business to people is to show them what your previous customers have to say about the experience they had when they hired your company. ClearView Plumbing and Heating is an example of a company that has implemented this strategy beautifully on their site. It is one thing for you to say how good your own plumbing business is. However, customer testimonials are much more valuable because these people have no vested interest in your company. Therefore, the endorsements they give to your business will carry added weight with the general public.

  1. Offer a guarantee on your work.

People need to know that they are going to get quality work if they hire you to do a plumbing job at their house. This makes offering a guarantee on your plumbing work very essential for selling your business to potential customers. A person will need to know that you will be willing to come back to their home and fix any problems that were not fixed correctly the first time at no additional charge. Failure to guarantee your work will make people skeptical of your company’s legitimacy.

  1. Use your site to describe in detail all of the services you provide.

Your website is the ultimate promotional tool. Therefore, you need to utilize it to its full capabilities. Selling your company on your site is essential to generate interest in your services. However, you should avoid saying how great you are. You should instead create a separate page for each service that you offer. Each page should give a detailed description of the service in question.


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