Space Saving Tips for Dividing the Office

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No matter where you work or what you do, making the most of your physical space should definitely be one of your aims. After all, you’ll want to make your workplace as efficient as possible. How can you do this without moving to another building? If you seek some of the best space-saving tips for commercial work settings, please read on. With this advice, you can then modify your current office to make better use of your surroundings without having to eat too much into your budget either.

Co-Working Space

If your office is far too large, you might think about sharing it with someone else. In this way, your employees won’t feel like they’re working in a vast, cavernous space. After all, a cosy environment is important for optimal productivity. As well as creating a more efficient use of your space, you’ll also be able to bring in some extra capital. These co-working spaces can be found all over the world now so there’s definitely a market for it. Shared office space also encourages collaboration and idea sharing within the single corporate environment. If you invite another company to take up your unused rooms, you can then benefit from each other’s knowledge. Dividing your workplace up in this way brings about a great many advantages as you can see.

Modular Furniture

Another great way to utilise your commercial premises in a more efficient manner is to purchase some modular furniture. These items automatically divide your space into separate areas without the need for walls. Some designs even fold away when you’re not using them! Here are a few ideas that you can use:

  • Complete office workstations featuring computer desks, bookshelves, drawers, keyboard trays, etc.
  • Foldable chairs and desks that can be packed away into a cube and stored when not in use
  • Modular corporate cubes that have a desk space inside and a relaxation area on top for quick coffee breaks
Space Saving Tips for Dividing the Office

Thanks to the ingenuity of those working in the corporate furniture industry, you can find a whole host of ideas for sleek designs that look great, are comfortable, and help you save space in the end.

Combination Designs

Of course, the diversity in office furniture doesn’t end there! In fact, you can find a host of ideas that take two pieces of furniture and then squeeze them both together. Equipping all your executive suites in Vancouver with space saving furniture isn’t that difficult with a little creativity and innovation. For example, you can find computer workstations that can be used while sitting or standing. This lets your employees do their day-to-day tasks without being restricted to just one style. If they want to relax, they can sit down at the computer. If they would rather stretch the legs, they have standing workstation as well! This one example gives you an idea of how you can combine two different types of furniture in the one compact design. Again, a little imagination will help you divide up your office in a more efficient manner.

Build Up Not Out

Our last tip is to make use of the vertical space as well as the horizontal. When figuring out an office layout, most people just focus on the floor space that’s available. They thus miss out on the room that’s above people’s heads as a result! So optimise your current workplace incorporate vertical designs instead. This can be done in a number of different ways as well. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few that will help get you off your feet and on track to a divided office that really works.

  • Attach shelving to the walls if your landlord permits
  • Buy workstations with shelves above the desk
  • Stick your monitor to the wall or use an adjustable arm
  • Install filing cabinets with a mezzanine platform above

In this way, you can divide up your workplace in all three dimensions, ensuring that your space is used in a completely optimal manner. Even if you’re renting, you should be able to find some suitable solutions that don’t require drastic renovations.

These four tips should give you a head start in making the most out of your office environment. Optimising your work setting is thus something well within your grasp.

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