The Broadfork garden tool: Why and How

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Let’s take farming back to ages when nothing like chemical fertilizers existed, not to talk of tillers and tractors. Well, then we had the farmer basking in the presence of his land, a few generic gardening tools and some owned a few animals for drafting.

Even if we consider the fact that in our days, we no longer necessarily need to own a harness of oxen to run our garden operations – still, there are modern variants of old farming equipment that cannot be ignored. Amongst those tools that are very useful and irreplaceable comes the broadfork. Well, it would not be strange if you are one of those that don’t know what a broadfork is, which is why there is a picture below to give you a hint.

Yes, what you see is an amazing tool that is efficient for breaking up soil to depths ranging from 10 to 16 inches – considering the design of the type you get. Actually, aside from the Meadow Creature, not all broadforks are designed for breaking the new soil, except you don’t mind them doing it in a pinch if the ground conditions are not too rough. In order to avoid losing an expensive tool due to using it wrongly, you can check this website for broadforks review to know which type of broadfork would be ideal for hard clay, rocks, and roots respectively.

Except you enjoy the rumble and exhaust of the motor operated tiller and you don’t mind the fact that you barely aerate around 6 inches of the soil surface after plowing over large strips of grass. The broadfork as a better alternative will cover more ground area when used for plowing manually. And you avoid tearing through tons of earthworms using the broadfork, which is impossible to achieve with the rototiller.

Not mentioning that after one or two weeks, you will have weeds on your soil again, which means you have to run your rototiller once more time. This is because unlike the broadfork, the rototiller mixes the soil as you operate and due to these aids weed seeds get exposed to the light at the soil surface, which germinates them.

This is just to mention a few of the reasons for using the broadfork garden tool instead of the motor operated rototiller. Now we can move on to knowing how to use the broadfork to plow with super ease.

How to use the broadfork with super ease

Using this garden tool requires following a simple philosophy, which is to observe, learn, afterwards repeat only what will maintain the every advantageous form of life in the garden and doing what’s possible to minimize the use of outside sources – oil, gas, manufactured apparatus that have the tendency of breaking down. It is comfortable to use the broadfork because your body weight does all the work.

You start by horizontally putting the pines into the soil after which you hop on the crossbar to allow your weight push the tool deeper into the ground. Then you step backward with your body at an angle of 30 degrees to lift the broken down soil, which you will drag back about 6 inches. Then repeat the same process till you have covered the desired area.

What else are you waiting for? You are now ready to plant your crops!


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