The Window Dilemma: Curtains or Blinds?

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Windows are an important part of any home – windows let in light and allow you to see outside, however, every window needs a curtain or blind to keep the sun out when it is too bright, when you are sleeping or to keep your room private and warm at night. Whether you opt for a curtain or blind is a matter of choice with each option giving a different style. Curtains are traditional and blinds more contemporary, while blinds can be useful in kitchens as they can be rolled up out of the way.

Curtains tend to cost more than blinds but have a more luxurious feel and look, while they also help to keep the heat of the room in on colder days and at night. Blinds are convenient and modern looking with a light and airy feel, yet they lack the luxury of a textured curtain. Buying blinds is also usually a lot cheaper than buying curtains which will need to be fitted to your windows.

Blackout Blinds for a Peaceful Sleep

One kind of blind particularly useful for all kinds of homes, especially in the bedroom, is the blackout blind. Blackout blinds keep out all or nearly all of the light trying to enter a window. These special blinds are made from materials that include a plastic coating to stop light penetrating the fabric. Blackout blinds are particularly useful for night workers who need to sleep during the day, as sleep is scientifically proven to be disturbed by the presence of bright light.

Blackout roller blinds, like those available at could be the answer to every night worker’s disturbed sleep. Blackout blinds allow you to sleep or watch films in perfect darkness for a relaxing atmosphere. These blinds are easy to clean with a damp sponge and usually come in a range of width fittings, while many stores, such as Dunelm Mill allow you to customise your blind for a perfect fit to your window frame.

How to Clean Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are notoriously difficult to keep clean but there are some tips on cleaning these fabrics and materials, such as those available on the Channel 4 website. It is possible to vacuum curtains, for which a small hand held vacuum is useful allowing you to clean vertically without lifting a heavy hoover. Another great way to clean curtains and blinds is with a special upholstery tool designed for curtains and other delicate fabrics.

Blinds come in many forms, from fabric blinds to wooden or plastic venetian blinds, with vertical or horizontal panels. Curtains can also be made from cotton, velvet or any other material and the choice you make should depend on the function and style of your home. Traditional homes with tall ceilings can carry heavy draped curtains with texture and colour, while smaller homes or bungalows with lower ceilings may benefit from the airy and light look of blinds, which can have the bonus of giving a greater feeling of space.


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