The World’s Most Breathtaking Tree Houses around the globe

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Today, tree houses are becoming the latest trend in the architecture. Most of the people today are adopting a green view to life with the tendency to move closer to nature. This has lead to the increasing demand for the architects and designers of tree houses. However, these structures are breathtaking works of architectural beauty. Nowadays, tree houses have become as a wonderful expression of the relationship between nature and humanity.

Gone are the days when a tree house was nothing more than a bunch of uneven wooden planks nailed jointly to a tree. But today architects around the world are taking tree houses to a top new level. Let US have a look at some of the most creative and stunning tree houses around the globe. Some of them are as follows:

    • 4Tree House By LukaszKos (Canada)– It is one of the most romantic tree houses in the world. This tall tube like structure allows for guests to ascend up along with the trees. LukaszKos has created this gorgeous glowing image by minimizing the impact to the site, trees, and nature itself. This is very stylish and modern structure.  Additionally, this structure offers ample of security, both inside and outside, from falling to the ground below.
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    • Mirrored Tree House (Sweden) – Tree house architects are creating unique tree house designs that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. The units of this sparkling tree house are constructed from sustainably harvested wood. Recently, it was nominated for the best wooden building award in Sweden. It is a four metre glass architecture that is a spectacular in reality. The birds, trees, the clouds, the sun, and everything reflect in this.
image (5)
  • Monbazillac Treehouse (French)Monbazillac is another popular tree house which is modeled after a traditional French château, right down to the turrets. It is well constructed in the lush hills and valleys of the Dordogone that offers eye-catching views of the French countryside. You can also have access to the swimming pool during the open hours. The interior atmosphere will completely transport you to discover relics from the empires of Asia, a universe of enhancement and exoticism.
  • The Bird’s Nest Tree House (Sweden)–  This is a stunning cylindrical structure dressed with fallen branches. It gives a organic and natural appearance amongst the surroundings. This huge nest rests 20 foot above the level of the forest floor and can be accessed by a retracttable ladder. The interior is elegantly designed which is refined and spacious. The creators of this tree house even confuse the birds as it looks like a massive nest from the outside.
  • image (6)
  • The HemLoft Treehouse (Whistler, Canada) – The HemLoft is a wonderful tribute to the beauty of its environmnent. This is a self funded secret creation which was built on crown land in whistler, Canada. It is really an amazing construction that hangs on a precipitous slope, in towering stand of hemlocks. It has become a popular attraction for the adventure seekers since it was built in June 2011.
  • Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee, USA) It was a spectacular tree house which highly rely on the trees and also connects to the ground. This is a 100-foot-tall structure which is said to be the tallest tree in the world. This stunning architecture was built completely out of reclaimed wood.

Author Bio: – Jacob, is working in forest industry who has a passion for blogging and has written over 1,000 articles.  He is a nature lover and mostly writes on topics which include environment, Treehouse builder, Deforestation etc.


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