Things You Must Know about Water Damage to your Home

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Water damage to your home can happen in several ways. It can be from storm damage and flooding, burst pipes, a leaking or completely broken water heater, or even from a sewage backup. The way you respond to the water damage problem in your home will have a huge impact on the outcome.

The first thing you’ll want to do is respond immediately when you notice a water leakage problem. Letting it go can lead to damage to flooring, walls or furnishings, and it can also lead to the beginning of mold. It only takes mold about 48 hours to begin, so it’s critical to act quickly. You also want to respond in a timely way for insurance purposes. If you wait, you may not receive the compensation you should get for the damage.

Being Prepared is Smart

The best thing you can do is to have a company in mind that can help you with your sudden water problem, should a problem arise. When water damage happens, you may feel shocked and anxious. This is not the time to be searching for a high quality service that you can call. It’s better to have someone on your speed dial list that you know will come out quickly.

Reliable water damage restoration services are your best way to ensure that water is cleaned properly and that it’s cleaned up quickly. This will minimize damage and maximize your insurance reimbursement. A good company will inspect all areas affected by the water for safety purposes. They’ll be able to quickly assess your situation and set up a plan of action to get the water removed and dried. They have the specialized pumping, extracting and drying equipment needed to get the job done right.

Removing Water can be a Real Challenge!

Getting water out of where it’s not supposed to be can be incredibly challenging. Water can get into walls, flooring, corners, into furnishings and underneath heavy items, which can make removing it a huge challenge. Professionals are knowledgeable about all the newest ways to remove water quickly for the least amount of damage, and they have the equipment available to get it removed fast.

When water is polluted, the challenge of removing it and cleaning up afterward becomes magnified. Polluted water can come from sewage backups or even from flooding, and it can be even more difficult to clean up properly. A professional specializing in water restoration and cleanup that is able to show an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the professional you want to trust to tackle these tough situations.

You Need a Professional

Most times, you simply won’t be able to clean up after a water incident yourself. The amount you can claim from insurance will vary due to how much pollution was in the water that affected your home structure and belongings. You need an expert evaluation to let you know the extent of your damage before you try to submit a claim. They’ll also let you know which items are salvageable. You also need their recommendations for the best way to tackle fixing your home structures that have become damaged. It’s always best to call a professional first for high quality water damage remediation.


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