Things You Should Know Before Searching For Pecan Pickers

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Harvesting pecans with hands may seem very easy sometimes. But this is not the easiest of tasks to perform. The stress of bending down and sometimes crawling on the ground to pick the small sized fruits is a tedious and backbreaking experience you may not want to have. This is why every gardener is advised to try out the pecan pickers and enjoy their benefits when they want to harvest their nuts.

How to Harvest Nuts with a Pecan Picker

Because stooping so low and crawling on the ground to pick nuts manually with your hands is a waste of time and effort, which is when you might be considering pecan pickers for sale. There are several types of pecan pickers on sale in the market. They are mostly made of a wire spring configuration, designed with a tiny hopper that is meant to hold the nuts in place, and they are mounted on small handles. When you want to harvest nuts with this tool, you simply press down the spring on the nuts and roll it front and back. This will create some amounts of spaces in-between the wires and the nuts will slip through these spaces into the cage as the hopper captures them. When you have a sizeable number of pecans inside the spring, you empty into a bucket or basket and continue. With this, the process becomes very simple, easy, and exciting, especially when you have a huge quantity of nuts to gather.

What Makes the Best Pecan Pickers?


Pecan pickers are designed for different purposes, which mean there are some that would serve you better than others. The best pecan pickers should have the following features:

  1. They will come with baskets that are designed with a 1.4mm thickness in terms of the diameter of the wires or springs, and some with a 0.8mm thickness that are meant for smaller nut sizes. The thickness in diameter of the wires makes the broom to enjoy almost double the strength found in those with 0.8mm. The benefit is that this will not bend over time when used for bigger nut sizes. Their resistance to permanent bending will ensure that pecans will not drop from the picker as you pick, and the durability of the entire unit is guaranteed.
  2. They will also come with the 5 piece handle that will allow you to increase or reduce the length as you wish. The benefit here is that people of different heights can use this as they wish.

How to Buy a Good Pecan Picker


When you are in the market to purchase your pecan pickers, you have to look for some features before you buy any one.

  1. Always search for pecan pickers with two side plates that are properly notched. What the plates do is to hold the basket for the gathering of the pecans in place in a very tight manner, and with this, the wires will be prevented from moving and made to remain in their position.
  2. You should also go for pickers that could be repaired. You don’t want to buy something that will be thrown away immediately it develops any fault. So, before you buy from any firm, ensure that you can get the replacement parts if any happens to get damaged.
  3. You should look for pickers with added features like the emptying basket used to collect the nuts before pouring them into the bucket.
  4. If you ensure that the picker you get comes with all these features and qualities, then you are sure to derive the most benefit from such a picker.

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