Three Steps to Buying Antique or Vintage Furniture

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If you’re tired of the prefabricated, wallboard-type, flimsy furniture that is so prevalent nowadays, then you’re not alone. When we outfit our homes with furniture, we all want some good pieces to boast of. And if you’re like me, you know that there are some pieces of furniture that just have to be top quality, such as your dining table, your coffee table, and your bed.

This is, perhaps, the reason why antique or vintage furniture is so popular. At the time these pieces were constructed, we can be sure that they were made with the highest quality and standards in mind. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in these antique pieces are truly remarkable, and you can hardly find anything similar today.

The first step: Finding the pieces that you want

image (1)The first step is obviously to find the pieces themselves. Find out if there are any antique furniture stores where you live, and pay them a visit. If there are none within driving distance, you can also look for antique furniture dealers on the Internet. But be mindful – although there may be plenty of antique furniture dealers around, make sure that they are reliable and respectable. You wouldn’t want to deal with a fly-by-night shop, where you’re not certain if the goods are real antiques or not.

The great thing about a good shop is that they constantly scour the country for antiques. As a consequence, their shops are always stocked with the best antiques they’ve found.

The second step: Assessing the piece

If you are in the market for a good dining table, for instance, you should opt for a solidly constructed piece that is of the highest quality. There may be original antique tables for sale, but you can also look for modern tables which are made from antique or reclaimed wood. These would undoubtedly be made to last. Another tip is to look for furniture which has a good frame – the so-called “bones” of the furniture. In your quest for the perfect dining table, you should check that the frame is solid with legs that do not wobble or tilt and are even with the floor.

What makes antique furniture so special is that it has a unique “personality” of its own. There may be signs of use in the past, such as discolorations or dents and such, but these just serve to make it more unique. Just make sure that the joints, the sanding, the staining, and the finishing are nicely and properly done.

Third step: Making it fit in your home

The great aspect about antique or vintage furniture as well as reclaimed pieces is that they can easily fit in with any modern abode. Even if you have a sleek, geometrically inspired theme in your home, it’s not difficult to make an antique piece blend in. You can even choose to use the furniture in a different way.

For instance, instead of using a farm table as a dining table, you can use it as a “meeting table” in your home office, or as a kitchen island. The possibilities for antique and vintage furniture are seemingly endless. To get a better idea of your options, browse through the immense selection of antique and reclaimed furniture and farm tables available at


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