Tidying up Your Garden

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It is important that you start to tidy up your garden and ensure that it is ready for the winter, and the following growing year. Tidying your garden can involve a number of different activities including raking leaves, weeding out the dead plants and ensuring that any living plants are protected from the winter cold. Gardeners, whether they are beginners or well seasoned professionals, can get a great deal of enjoyment out of tidying a garden and understand that tidying up your garden is as important as planting your plants and caring for them. If the seeds and plants that you plant have a good environment for growing then you will find that they thrive and produce the fruit or flowers that you hope for.

Raking Leaves to Relax

One of the many time consuming but rewarding jobs that can be done in the garden is raking leaves. You can choose to do it by hand, use a leaf blower or just seek the help of a good old rake. Once you have raked up all the leaves they can be excellent to add to your compost so that they can provide food and sustenance for the plants that will be growing over winter and through to the next year.


Whilst clearing out your garden you may find a multitude of different fruits, vegetables and plants that you can put in your compost.  It is made up of all the garden waste that you cannot use anything else which is rotting fruit, dead plants and other leaves and plant material. Along with pre-made compost from garden centres it can provide you with a cover of compost for your entire garden that will help your plants grow and feed them throughout their growing months. Compost can be used on large flower beds as well as smaller pots so it is always useful to have a store of it.

What You Will Need

If you are thinking about clearing out your garden this winter in time for the next planting season then there may be a number of pieces of gardening equipment that would be incredibly useful for you to use during this operation. If you are thinking about adding a compost bin to your garden this year, if you do not already have one, then this would be an extremely useful purchase. Although there are other ways of making a compost bin, it is sometimes easiest to buy one from a garden centre so that you can begin to use it straight away when you are clearing out the rotting fruit of the trees, any dead plants and any fallen leaves. It may also be advisable to get some tools such as a spade and a fork that will help you turn the ground ready for planting.

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Making Any Space Inviting

No matter how large or small your garden, it is always possible to make it an inviting and beautiful space. So do some research online and find out about the best plants and flowers that will be suitable for your space and decide how you are going to plant them and when you need to do it; and have fun with different colours and styles.


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