Tips for Your Office Reception Design

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Your company will only get one chance to make a first impression on your potential clients so making sure that your reception area is warm, comfortable, and inviting is a must when you open your doors to visitors.  It should reflect your company’s mantra and provide a spacious and tidy area where your guests can wait and work as they anticipate their appointment with you.  You’ll want to give specific attention to the décor, the layout that you create, and the furnishings that complement your interior design.  Let’s review some tips for making your reception area design a positive experience for your clients.


  1. The character of your company should be evident in the furnishings and décor of your reception area.  You can use your own personal preferences and attend to the needs of your clients with special offerings that make them more comfortable.  Offering them juice, water or coffee and making them feel special is the ultimate goal of a successful waiting area.
  2. Choose neutral colours and tones that will accommodate any type of furnishing.  These warm colours are appealing to the eye and provide a relaxing atmosphere to your reception area.  Light colours will reflect the natural light that comes in through your windows but will also create a cosy ambiance with the lamps and other lighting that you use for guests who are waiting.
  3. Make the reception desk the focal point of the room.  This is where your employee will greet guests warmly with a smile, offer them a beverage, and invite them to have a seat.  Her area should be neat, clean, and organised and convey that she is a professional who values tidiness.  This sends the message that every detail of your client’s needs will be handled to meet and exceed his expectations.
  4. Don’t forget the accessories.  You’ll want to use some lovely and attractive art, perhaps some greenery, and some magazines for your clients to thumb through while they wait.  Keep in mind that less is more; you don’t want to clutter the waiting area with a plethora of materials that are hard to keep neat and organised.  Maintain the materials that you do use regularly.  You’ll want them dusted and cleaned and stacked at the end of each working day.
  5. The furniture that you use should be comfortable, attractive, and functional.  You’ll want to use some tables and office visitor chairs that match and that provide spacious areas for your clients to work on other projects that they have or to carry on conversations with other visitors in the area.  Don’t forget to make a place for umbrellas on rainy days and waste paper that the clients might have.

Making your reception area a comfortable and pleasant environment will surely impress your clientele.  You want them to be greeted enthusiastically when they enter your business and to be entertained whilst they wait.  Making them feel welcomed will do a great deal to keep them coming back to your business again and again.


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