Toronto spray foam insulation and its uses!

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Spray foam is a kind of plastic that is also known as spray polyurethane. It is applied by spraying on a particular product. When you spray this material over a product it gives you a layer of insulation. When Toronto spray foam is applied it gives air sealing barrier to the walls, corners, roofs and also other kinds of the contoured surfaces. When it is mixed, it forms foam that can insulate as well as form a gap against moisture. Are you looking out for a solution to solve your unwanted leaking of air from the cracks, seams as well as joints? If yes is that you answered then you can get the best solution by choosing this kind of insulation from the right Toronto spray foam insulation contractors in order to prevent the heat transfer.

There are a number of kinds of spray foam available that you can use according to your requirement as well as budget. There mainly 3 kinds and these are used for insulation and also many other purposes.

  • The interior cavities and attics are being filled using the low density Toronto spray foam insulation.
  • The attics and interior cavities that are unvented although used as insulation are filled with the help of the medium density spray insulation.
  • When you wish to fill the roofs and also other exterior areas, high density foam is used.

Every kind of spray foam insulation has exclusive features as well as advantages that the contractor can explain you in case you are unable to understand. Before you go with this choice, it is vital for you to ask the contractor explain you the necessities. When you know all the features, you can choose the perfect one your requirements and according to your budget. Apart from the kinds available, the way to install also differs on the type chosen.

The spray foam delivery can be done in different ways and below mentioned are the most important three methods:

  • High pressure- 2 part foam
  • Low pressure- 2 part foam
  • Insulating foam sealant

Before you choose the method and type yourself, it is wise on your part to consult the contractor as they can guide you in the best manner. Make certain that they know your needs and accordingly will suggest you the most appropriate option.

Spray foam works like a sealant

The air leaks will not only waste energy but even increase your energy bills. The spray insulation is used to fill in the gap and also stop the leakage of air in different parts of the building. Below is the list of the area where insulation is commonly required:

  • Basement doors
  • Basement windows
  • Basement joints
  • Plumbing vents
  • Wiring holes
  • Attics
  • Furnace flues
  • lower-level lighting
  • behind the knee walls

The above mentioned areas can be insulated with the help of the spray foam. In case you need insulation for any other area apart from the above mentioned, ask your contractor.


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