Unique Bathroom Accessories That You May Have Never Thought Of

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Are you in need of fresh ideas to decorate your bathroom but are bored with typical toothbrush holders and floor rugs? This article will discuss a couple of super cool and super unique bathroom accessories you can’t believe you once lived without.

In-Shower Soap Dispenser
Stacking up bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash around the tub can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. They take up space and often fall into the tub. Instead of getting a shower caddy, consider an in-shower soap dispenser. This allows you to pour your favorite washes into multiple sections and allows you to dispense them accordingly. These unique bathroom accessories will save you money since you can purchase your soaps in bulk, and it also prevents spillage.

Novelty Toilet Paper Holders
For creative decor ideas, consider a novelty toilet paper holder. This can easily be found on online stores in a variety of different themes and designs. You can find toilet paper holders that can be mounted on the wall as well.

Custom Shower Curtains
For an unique bathroom accessory, consider customizing your own shower curtain. This can be accomplished through CafePress or Shutterfly. You can simply upload a photo, or a design, and they can print it into a shower curtain for you. You can use a memorable family photo or design you have made yourself. The possibilities are truly endless.

A Stock of Bath Bombs
Get a basket and fill it with colorful bath bombs that can transform any ordinary bath into a really cool experience. Bath bombs immediately effervesce once they are dropped into your water. They can add essential oils, fragrances and colorful hues to your bath water.

LED Shower Head
For a unique shower experience, consider installing an LED shower head. Depending on the model and brand, some shower heads will change colors depending on the temperature of the water. You can turn off the regular bathroom lights and enjoy the array of colors of the shower. A colorful LED shower head is truly a unique bathroom accessory you won’t want to live without.

And there you have it…
These unique bathroom accessories can transform even the most dull and lifeless bathrooms into a totally cool ambiance. The possibilities are truly endless. Novelty accessories and unique decorations can easily be found online. Let your imagination run wild.


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