Upgrades that are going to add Big Value to Your Condo renovation toronto

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Looking to put your condo for sale in the market or want to invest some money to increase its value by modifying old furniture? All of us know all the renovations, remodeling works offer great returns if they are properly done, some might going cost lot of money in the long run. So, decide first which are going to add value to your asset. Here are the some examples given below.

condo renovation

Renovation of Bathroom

It has the capacity to turn away the potential buyer and in the worst case scenario, it may lower the value of your asset faster. Always professionals recommend to focus on the bathroom first and then on the kitchen. If necessary fix the problems of painting, flooring also. If you have lots of money, still don’t go for entire makeover. Professionals warn it is wrong to go for 100% renovation since you have the intention to sell the property. It is advised that keeping the renovation with the help condo renovations service toronto like turn-keyprojects is more advisable to alter your condo.

Hardwood Floors

Most often overlooked, the flooring part plays a major role in selling a premium condo. The fact is it costs less, but plays a major role. The homes with hard flooring are going to have more chances of selling at best prices than other floorings. Hardwood floors are easy to deal with carpet and are good for allergy prevention.

The new trend is plank flooring and you already have hardwood floors, but you if want, change them, most experts will say “No”. Their suggestion is to refurbish the floor with a modern dark ebony stain. This is going to work well.

Kitchen Remodel

As already discussed bathrooms and kitchen will play a major role when you are trying to sell or add more value to the asset. In the kitchen always try on giving a facelift with the help of paints and cabinets, replace the sink and update with new appliances if you can. If you have handful of cash you can go for full kitchen renovation. Do not try on renovating your personal taste.

In the case of small condo renovation, don’t go for big upgrades. This will not impress the buyer. Try to make it minimal.

New Appliances

Most people don’t want to buy new appliances when they move into their new condo, purchasing a condo that is going to have all appliances is a big deal for the buyer. If you have old and worn out appliances, replace them immediately with new ones and this is going to have lots of impact on price. Keeping in mind with the above, always try to keep the colors to impress the kitchen environment.

Added Storage

It is the most important thing in the eyes of condo buyer. Any addition is a big bonus and that is going to impact the price positively. Try to make things more spacious and the chances of buying your condo are likely to sell at a good price.

Before approaching for the professional help, make sure they have full knowledge about condo renovations and collect from them the estimates and building plans before approaching sanctioning authority.


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