Using International Movers

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Moving to another country can be very complicated. Residents of the Toronto area can use international movers in Toronto to make this move simpler.

One international moving company Toronto residents can use will begin assisting them with an international move by visiting their home to make an inventory of the items they are planning to move. The company will then estimate the volume of these items and provide an estimate. If the company is hired, they will assign a coordinator to help with the move. The coordinator will arrange for a trained packing crew to pack belongings in cartons and storage containers. Types of containers available include wardrobe cartons for clothing and wooden crates for fragile items. The company will give the customers an inventory of the items that were packed.

Using International Movers

Customers can arrange to have their belongings shipped by sea or transported by air. The company will keep track of where the belongings are during the shipping process, and the moving coordinator will keep the customers informed.

The belongings will be collected by one of the moving company’s destination partners after the moving containers arrive at the shipping terminal or airport. This partner will handle customs clearance, deliver the containers to the customer’s new residence and unpack them.


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