Using specialist tools for home DIY

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When it comes to doing work on your home, it might be easy to stick to the same tried and tested tools and ways of using them. But if you are looking for some different, or something more, then why not look a little further, and into more modern design and manufacturing processes. This can avoid producing something run-of-the-mill, and could avoid any unnecessary stress created by trying to reproduce something advanced or unique, using quite antiquated tools and techniques.

Laser Micro Machining

Laser micro machining is a manufacturing technique used mainly in advanced fields, such as medicine, aerospace and aeronautical engineering and within the nuclear sector, where absolute precision is required at all times and in all aspects of manufacturing. However, you could also make use of laser micro machining within your own home. While laser micro machining is clearly at home in specialist fields, it can be used very effectively to produce things for the home. Whether you want to use it for practical purposes, such as micro-drilling (drilling holes much smaller than a normal drill could manage) or producing a texture on a surface with a particular property (water-repellent, non-friction, anti-glare), or for more decorative uses such as etching designs into a material, laser micromachining can meet those needs without having to worry about how to meet your needs using more standard techniques. Laser micro machining will allow you to complete work in miniscule detail on material ranging from 3mm to 2 µm, which is far beyond what would be achievable with normal tools.


STEEC is a company, based in France, that has been at the forefront of high precision machining in Europe, and has collaborated with many sectors that demand precision engineering, such as aerospace, medicine and the automotive sector. STEEC has recently launched its brand, ‘Made in STEEC’, allowing clients to access their services easily, and to provide all clients with a personalised service. By getting in contact with STEEC, using their brand ‘Made in STEEC’, and providing them with a technical drawing of your requirements, they will work to meet your needs, and provide you with any expertise you may need. By getting in touch with STEEC, you could also avoid any unnecessary stress while still achieving your home design needs, with all the precision you would want.

Thinking outside of the box can help you to reach the next level when decorating your home, and the options that laser micro machining provides you with can make any addition to your home unique, and well manufactured. While STEEC is obviously known for manufacturing in specialist fields, you could also get in touch and make use of the highly specialised expertise for your own needs. Giving your design to a company like STEEC can ensure it is manufactured to a high standard, with the same level of precision that they would use when producing something for a specialist field, while avoiding the stress of using comparatively archaic tools for yourself, and ultimately producing something of a lower quality.

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