Ways to Enhance Home Resale Value with Retractable Awnings

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Outdoor awnings offer shade on hot days, protects your home from wind and rain as well as increases energy efficiency. You can select from simple stiff sunshades to retractable models. They come in different shapes, materials and sizes.


Traditionally, markiisit were made from metal, wood, and cotton canvas, but today they are available in durable materials that need significantly less maintenance.


For home use, there are four appropriate fabrics

  1. Canvas – Traditional and less expensive, but lasts for just 3 to 5 years. Its acrylic painted surface is available in various stripes and colors.
  2. Vinyl-coated canvas – Its cost is 10% to 20% more in comparison to plain canvas, but lasts for ten years. It has a hard shiny finish and is washable.
  3. Polyester – Cotton polyester has vinyl or acrylic coating and is stronger as well as resistant to mildew.
  4. Acrylic fabric – It resembles cotton canvas and lasts for 12 years. It has non-shiny finish, highly fade resistant and is available in different colors and stripes.

Retractable awnings help to control weather conditions. When passing showers loom over or when sun gets hot, you can unroll the awning manually or automatically for instant shade and protection. They not only protect the outdoor areas, but they can also be applied for your home improvement project. It can increase your home resale value significantly.

Ways to enhance your homes resale value

Enhances interior environment – First, it alters the interior ambiance of your house. It may surprise you because awnings are basically commended for their poolside or deck uses. If awnings are installed above the windows of your house that are regularly heated then you can reduce 94% UV rays.

Ultimately, the temperature of your home interiors reduces by 15 degrees. Another advantage is that you will not have to pull blinds to keep away direct sunrays. Upholstery, carpets and wallpaper do not get faded by sunrays. Your home will experience an open and welcoming ambiance lighted up by filtered sunlight.

Adds appealing personality – Potential homebuyers are not attracted to houses that have same structural design, but awnings can change their impression and decision. Awnings are available in many sizes, styles and colors to match any kind of home.

You can blend them with your house structure as well as augment charming personality to your decks, windows, patios and entry areas.

Multiplies energy efficiency – Your utility bills will be reduced because awnings dramatically lower the interior temperatures. EPA studies disclose that this kind of energy efficiency influences the ultimate resale value of your home. Approximately, for every dollar saved on fuel bills, a house adds dollar ten to twenty in resale value.

Traditional versus retractable

A retractable awning –

  • Stays drawn back against the wall, when you do not use it allowing light to enter unlike traditional awnings that block light on gloomy days
  • Eliminates permanent framework or unsightly poles
  • You do not have to take down retractable one every season and reinstall
  • Practically maintenance free

Retractable awning is a better investment. The wind sensor automatically withdraws it and protects it from speedy winds. Similarly, sun sensor extends it mechanically with the sun.

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