Ways to Solve the Common Problems in Bathroom Decorating

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Autumn is the peak period for home decorating, for it is the season which closes to the Christmas and the weather is perfect: not hot and not cold. But everything in a busy situation may cause problems. There is no exception for the home decorating. Melody Home shares you some problems happens in bathroom and ways to solve them.

Trouble: there is no focus wall and the bathroom space does not have special character

Solution: design the background wall. You may try square tiles decorate the wall and floor, which makes the room full of stereo feeling.Comparing with the smooth wall and flooring,the concave and convex feeling ones are slip resistance and can beautify the space. At the same time, you may add the woody washing basin and the metal feeling hook as well as water tap. By this way, the bathroom can create a retro flavor.

ways to solve the common problems in bathroom decorating

Trouble, the space is too narrow, but owners want the separated bathroom and shower room.

Solution: divide the space by the shower curtain or set a movable door.Separate the bathroom and shower room by the shower curtain, which is cost effective and convenient. You might as well try the orange pattern and the orange background wall, which can lighten the space. Meanwhile, you may add themirror surface storage cabinet. Itcan fully develop its function: the dresser desk and the storage cabinet, which can save the space and the cost for you. At the same time, you may separate the space by the movable door so that it can offer you the bathroom privacy. If the space is too narrow, you may design the door at the middle of the bathroom and shower room.

Trouble, the color of the sanitary ware is not coordinate  

Solution: color separation.Creative walk in style bathtub is a good choice for the small bathroom. The clinging to the wall bathtub design may save lots of space. And the high periphery of the bathtub safely and steadily prevents the water overflowing. What is more, the inner part adds the seat platform, which is very thoughtful. The background wall decorated by the square tiles is full of quality feeling, which creates a cozy showering space.You may see the effect from the up picture.

Trouble, the room shape is not regular. Do not know how to do the layout.

Solution: remold the space. Though the space is abnormal, you may base on the tilt direction design ceiling as well as the background wall. You might as well try the white background color for the small and abnormal bathroom, which can amplify the space and increase its lightness. You can have a view of decorating skills for your dream bedrooms here.


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