Well placed quality furniture to brighten your home

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We all have furniture in our homes but there is regular furniture and then there is special furniture with a higher quality or a quirky appeal that can really make a big difference to the look and feel of a room. Good quality wood and leather will never go out of style and these are the pieces you should look for in order to create a fantastic, sophisticated and high quality finish that suits both contemporary and traditional homes.

It is not only important to select the right pieces of furniture but also to place them well in order to display the items to their best advantage and create an interestingly designed room. The careful placement of a sofa or table can bring a room to life and make extra storage space, hide an awkward corner or create light where there was shadow.

Choose the perfect sofa to lift your living room


Some of the furniture items that always draw attention when entering a living room are the sofa and coffee table or other shelving unit. Great quality wood can make a regular table look spectacular, sturdy and stylish. Of course many people prefer to use plastics or metals for furniture and these can work well in a contemporary setting.

A high quality leather sofa such as Chesterfield Sofas By Thomas Lloyd will never go out of style and will maintain their shape and appearance over the years, even improving with age as the leather becomes worn in like a quality leather jacket or handbag. These sofas are the height of elegance and practicality and can lift any room. Whether you are looking for a three seater, two seater, sofa bed, or an arm chair with matching foot stool, fine leather upholstery will always be an ideal choice.

Fine leather never goes out of style

Of course once you have chosen the right pieces of furniture then arrives the task of placing them in your home. Interior designers are trained in finding innovative and stylish ways of arranging furniture to create a certain look or feel. The BBC has a guide to furniture placement that can be useful as a starting point for those considering revamping their existing rooms or finding some new items for their home.

It is not only a question of looking inviting and stylish, a well-designed room should also be practical. For example, it must be easy to sit comfortable at the dining table, and in the living room it should be comfortable to watch the television from the main sofa or chairs. Whatever you plan on doing in a particular room should dictate the arrangement of furniture to make it a practical space as well as a good looking one.

Sometimes all that is needed to brighten a room is accessories. Even if you do not have the perfect sofa or chairs you can give a brand new look to a room using well placed cushions or throws. These can add colour and change the appearance of any chair, while a textured throw can give a luxury feel and cover up any flaws in the fabric of the chair.



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