What Characteristics to Consider When Buying a Carpet

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The carpet is a special moment in the decoration of the home, as it is, besides visual, also performs a distinctly practical function. For this reason, there are several aspects that need to conform to the room’s characteristics – purpose, size, color and decoration. Make sure you visit our website now and find out more about us.

The purpose of buying a carpet is directly related to the location of the carpet – for example, in the living or nursery room (which are places where you will walk in and out regularly) it is better to choose a carpet with short fibers – this type of flooring is more resistant to wear and tear. Soft, long-fiber carpets are suitable for sound insulation and also create a feeling of coziness, warmth and softness when touched.

The size should be chosen in relation to the room and the location of the furniture. A large carpet can “breathe” in a spacious room – in such a configuration the carpet will draw attention to itself. This sensation can be enhanced or muted by the brightness of the color, as well as by the presence (or absence) of a figured decoration. If the room is smaller and the furniture is mostly on the carpet – the color and ornaments will add to the background feeling of the room. Small carpets are excellent as individual accents as well as in combination with wallpaper or other smaller decorations.

Colors, nuances, and figure shapes may have the greatest attitude towards the personality of the room. Here everything has to be subordinate to your personal taste and sensation, but there are some things that are worth to be seen. When the room is spacious and well lit, each solution is appropriate. However, we must keep in mind that attracting figures have the ability to distract themselves primarily. If the furniture is simple and clean – such a carpet will become a great central accent in the room, but if the furniture itself is remarkable in color and shape, it is possible for the combination to create a feeling of saturation and even kitsch.

An important moment is the main nuance of the carpet – the cool colors are great in well – lit rooms, whereas if the light is less scalable, it can be compensated by bright and warm tones. Still, keep in mind that cold shades serve better for backgrounds where furniture and accessories “go together well” while the warm range almost always has a propensity to stand out in the foreground.

Be sure to look at as many combinations of colors, patterns and fabrics as possible before stopping on a particular rug. Create your own unique interior for every room.

Make sure you take a look at many different styles and designs and choose the one that fits you most.

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