What is the Role of aVendor’s Advocate?

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A Vendor’s advocate is a professional who does the job of researching the market for the seller. Just like the buyers have real estate agents for helping them in clinching the best deal, the vendor’s advocate has a similar mission. It is his duty to work on behalf of the seller to conduct surveys and determine what the value of the property is in the current market scenario. The opinion of the vendor’s advocate should not be a biased one and his job is to do the survey independently. It is also his job to advise the seller whether he should sell his property or wait for the market conditions to become more favourable.

Where the role of vendor advocates in Melbourne really comes to the fore is when he recommends the seller regarding the real estate agency or agent that he should hire for selling out his property. He would also be tasked with the duty of advising the vendor about the commission fee that he should agree to pay to the agency and make sure that the agent and the vendor have a stable relationship and are on the same page. Since he is working exclusively for the seller, all of the services offered by the vendor’s advocate would be directed towards gaining the maximum possible monetary benefit for him.

Thevendor’s advocate is also responsible for preparing the legal documents required for the sale of the property and informing the vendor about the offers that have been made for the property. Management of theentire selling process and seeing to it that every aspect from the marketing of the property to the settlement goes smoothly is also among the duties of a vendor’s advocate. In cases when the vendor needs to be present at an auction, the vendor’s advocate can also represent him and oversee the whole auction process.

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