What Makes A Window Energy Efficient?

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In today’s environmentally conscious times where the cost of power is getting higher day by day, energy efficient windows are a highly desirable product. Having a green window in the house means that the cost of heating and cooling will be much less and the carbon footprint on the atmosphere will be minimal too. But what is it exactly that makes a window energy efficient? Weather it’s a regular window or a French window design there are certain elements that need to be present in order create an energy efficient window. In this article here, we discuss exactly what these elements are in order to help the consumer to make an informed choice.

The green window concept has caught on in a big way over the years. The reason for this is simple. No matter what kind of window one goes for in the house, be it a French window design or any other, the energy efficiency ratio is a major consideration. Given the high cost of living and the contribution of the power bill towards it, more and more people are looking for options that will lead to a reduction in this expense.

In addition to this, there is also the consideration towards the environment and the fact that people are looking to consume lesser and lesser resources. While it has been established that energy efficient windows are the way to go, the important thing to understand from a consumer point of view is- what is it exactly that makes a window energy efficient? How is it that a window will be called a green window?

When we dissect the anatomy of an energy efficient window, here are the factors that should be considered:

Frame materials: A window that is high on energy efficiency will be made of frames that are constructed of materials, which are durable and low maintenance in order to reduce heat transfer and insulate better. Fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum are some such options.

Low E-Glass: If you choose to have a French window design in the house that you want should be more energy efficient, it has to come with E-glass. The special coatings of e-glass reflect infrared light and this means the heat is kept inside in winter and outside in summer. In addition, this kind of glass also offers protection from ultraviolet rays.

More than one pane: For a window to be energy efficient, it has to have multiple panes that have either gas or air filled in between them. This leads to better insulating properties as well as noise insulation and higher resistance from impact.

-Gas fillings: The whole idea of a green window is one that insulates better as this is what eventually leads to lower cost of power and better efficiency. If a window has a gas such as argon or krypton between it’s panes, it tends to insulate better.

In order for a window to be good with energy efficiency, these aspects have to be considered and check marked. Any one of these missing is sure to lower the efficiency ratio and the effectiveness of the window. Alternatively speaking, if all of these elements are present, the window will be a true green window and worth investing into considering the high returns it will provide.

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Manoj Jha is an experienced blogger. In above post he has shared some valuable information to make your windows energy efficient. Check more energy efficient windows by Fenesta Building Systems.


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