What Material to Choose when Outdoor Furniture in Sydney?

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When buying outdoor furniture Sydney, you obviously want easy-care, durable, yet elegant pieces to make outdoor living a pleasant experience. When it comes to the material of the furniture you should choose, three types of material are most suited for the climate of Melbourne: Aluminum, Plastic, and Wood. Aluminum is a widely popular material in outdoor furniture pieces because it is light-weight, extremely durable, and doesn’t rust. You can leave your aluminum furniture outside the entire year round without worrying about rust.

Next, it is Recycled Plastic and Polymer that looks like painted wood. If you prefer elegant and stylish pieces to spruce up the look of your backyard or patio, plastic and polymer is the ideal choice in outdoor furniture in Sydney. Plastic is highly durable, doesn’t rust, and can be left out in the beach climate of Melbourne. However, look for UV-stabilizing pigments to avoid color fading during extreme sunlight. Also, make sure you sit and test for comfort when buying it, as plastic often tends to be uncomfortable and requires extra cushions. Make sure the plastic boards are well-contoured to save on cushioning.

The last option is wood. If elegance and classiness is what you need, wood is the ideal choice in outdoor furniture in Melbourne. However, you just can’t buy any type of wood without giving a thought about its durability. Wood is the hardest to care material and you have to look for the type of wood that doesn’t split, crack, rot, and gets infested with bugs. Teak and eucalyptus wood are ideally suited for outdoor furniture. Although these are expensive, teak and eucalyptus are easier to maintain and can be left out for the entire year, as these naturally resist water. On the other hand, if you buy other varieties of wood, you will have to seal them yearly.


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