What You Might Need To Use On a Building Site

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There are many different types of building sites in the UK; some are residential and others are commercial. Whatever the reason for the build, there are a number of tools, machines, and other items that can make the job run much more smoothly, as well as being safer for workers. Safety is always paramount in any project, and quality of the work comes a close second. Obviously there will be financial targets too, but this is something that is usually agreed before the build starts.

So what is actually used on a building site? Keep reading this blog post and you will find out…


Sometimes there needs to be an element of destruction before construction can begin, which is why items such as a sledgehammer can be found on site. In some cases, even more heavy duty items are needed – one such example is a wrecking ball. However a sledgehammer is usually suitable for knocking through internal walls, as long as they aren’t key for supporting the structure.


Something that is essential for supporting a building is scaffolding; this is also used so workers can work on external tasks such as brickwork and guttering. Many firms choose to hire scaffolding in for their projects so they can get it on a local basis for the duration of the job. It is important to use well maintained scaffolding so it is safe for workers to use each day they are on site.

Cement mixer

Families with young children will know all about cement mixers from watching episodes of Bob the Builder as there is a character called Dizzy. In real life, a cement mixer is vital to getting the material to the right consistency for laying. If done incorrectly it may not set right, causing issues such as cracking.

Forklift truck

There are many heavy items that need to be lifted and transported on a building site, which is why forklift trucks are so important. Building firms will often search the internet and Yellow Pages for the forklift hire London and other towns and cities have to offer. These machines will enable builders to carry heavy bags of cement, sand, and wooden panels, as well as removing them from the back of a lorry. It would be impossible to carry many things by hand, which is why forklift trucks are indispensable to many firms.

Safety clothing

Safety clothing and footwear should always be worn on site, by builders, contractors and surveyors. When there are many jobs happening at once, things can be dropped or break away from the building; this is why hard hats are a basic requirement. Steel-toe boots are also essential, especially when carrying heavy items that could be dropped on the foot. Many workers are also required to wear hi-visibility jackets so they are easily seen by the other workers on the site; this is key during the winter months when there aren’t as many hours of daylight.


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