Where Can You Buy a Pocket Hose?

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If you like to garden and work outside with your hands, then you know just how important the right tools are.  Not only do the right tools make your job easier, they also help you work faster.  One product on the market that has revolutionized the simple garden hose is “As Seen on TV” the Pocket Hose.

Like most people you understand that your outdoor space is a reflection of the love and attention you place on your home and yard.  Keeping your yard neat and tidy can sometimes be a chore within itself.  You may have even noticed that your old and worn looking water hose takes away from the beauty and loving care you have put into your lawn, flowerbeds or even your garden.  Traditional water hoses tend to be difficult to maneuver around your yard.  They can be heavy and have a tendency to kink along the way.  So why should the simple chore of watering be a battle with your water hose.

Pocket Hose

At one point and time, you may have seen the “As Seen on TV” commercial outlining the benefits of the Pocket Hose.  The manufacturers state that it automatically expands and contracts for you.  It is made from a multi-layer material with solid brass fittings, but is lightweight and easy to use.

You can use the Pocket Hose anywhere around your home.  As the name suggests, you can easily hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket.  When you have finished using it, the hose will shrink back to its normal and compact size, which allows for easy storage.  Unlike a traditional water hose, the pocket hose will not kink or twist.  So your outdoor chores have just become that much easier and time saving.

The next question you may be where you can buy a Pocket Hose.  You have several options available to you.  Since it is an “As Seen on TV” product, you can go directly to their website and either order online or call their toll-free number.  You can also go to several other websites, such as Carol Wright Gifts, click on the “As Seen on TV” button and search for the Pocket Hose.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can also find the Pocket Hose listed in various mail order catalog.  Such companies at Carol Wright Gifts and Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare are two mail order catalog that you can receive that this product and other products readily for sale.

The Pocket Hose is also available for purchase at retail stores like Walmart and Target.  You would need to visit one of their stores and find out exactly where they showcase “As Seen on TV” products.  One advantage of going to a retail store for purchase is that you actually have the opportunity to see the product upfront.  This way you are able to see how the product is made and the quality of the item directly.

Whether you call the toll-free number, go online and view the product or make a trip to a local retail store, you have several great ways to get the Pocket Hose.  Take a moment and look at it and see if it is right for you.  Make your everyday chores less stressful and more enjoyable.  Work smarter not harder.  There are tools out there that can help you achieve this go and take back the pride and joy you once had by showcasing a beautiful home and lawn.  The right tools are the first steps in years of enjoyment.


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