Why it Pays to Have an Illuminated Mirror in Your Bathroom

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We can’t deny that having a well-lit bathroom is important, especially since some bathrooms today are situated in an area where there is no chance of any natural light coming through. When you have a well-illuminated bathroom, you can perform all your bathroom functions with ease and convenience. Besides, having a bathroom that’s bright instantly transforms the space, making it look bigger and airier than before.

If you would like to give your bathroom a facelift and make it more practical and functional at the same time, there’s a convenient solution for you: illuminated mirrors. With an illuminated mirror, your bathroom can be converted into a much better-looking room where you can spend ample time grooming yourself.

Illuminated Mirror in Your Bathroom

Let’s take a closer look at the some of the main reasons why having an illuminated mirror in your bathroom is a good decision:

Illuminated mirrors are sleek and stylish and come in a variety of designs

Gone are the days of those big, bulky mirrors which had light bulbs all around them (think old-school dressing rooms). Not only were those types of mirrors difficult to install, the light bulbs would sometimes make the room hotter and transmit a poor reflection, besides. Today, illuminated mirrors offer a much better alternative, coming in a wide range of stylish, elegant designs. Different illuminated mirrors come with different lighting features as well, and all you have to do is choose the feature, shape, and design you prefer.

Illuminated mirrors feature efficient lighting

Illuminated mirrors today are equipped with either T5 lighting or LED lighting, which are a lot more energy efficient than ordinary light bulbs. These two types of lighting last longer and give off less heat as well. Also, the lighting is fixed at the front, which has a far better reflection that illuminates everything quite well indeed. You will no longer have shadows at the corners or other dimly-lit areas in your bathroom. You have ample lighting which allows you to style your hair, shave, apply make-up, and do all the other things you usually do in your bathroom with ease.

Illuminated mirrors have a range of other bonus features

Thanks to innovative minds, the illuminated mirrors available nowadays are even equipped with some extra valuable features, such as anti-misting capabilities. With this, you can use the mirror right after a hot and steamy shower, as the mirror will not fog up at all. No matter how much steam is produced in your shower, the mirror will remain clear and mist-free.

There are also other illuminated mirror features which are undoubtedly useful. You can opt for an illuminated mirror which has built-in sockets for the easy plugging-in of your electrical gadgets such as a shaver or a hairdryer. Other illuminated mirrors have back-lit lighting, which gives any bathroom a warmer and cosier look.

Without a doubt, an illuminated mirror is increasingly being seen as necessary by many homeowners today. And it doesn’t even take much to install one in your bathroom, as illuminated mirror suppliers like Lightmirrors.co.uk will tell you – all it takes is an electric cable on your bathroom wall, the use of wall screws (which are provided with the mirror), and making sure the mirror is safely connected to your electric supply.


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