Why Regular Drain Pipe Cleaning Is Vital

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When one thinks of the plumbing industry, one gets an image of the emergencies that compel one to summon a plumber before they become disasters. But what many people don’t seem to realize is that many of these “plumbing catastrophes” can be avoided with timely maintenance. Understanding what a system in the home need routine maintenance and it needs to be done can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repair.

Southern Ontarians—and residents of the Kitchener-Waterloo area especially—tend to be hard on drains and pipes.Grease and other food materials end up in food disposals. Hair isn’t cleaned from the bottoms of tubs and showers after use. The chemicals added to soften water end up having a calcifying effect. All of these items can solidify in water over time. The results are slow drains, bad odours, total pipe clogs, and without correction, a nutrient rich environment that invites plant and bacteria growth. This can lead to further drainage system damage, and a unhealthy water supply for home occupants. And problem drains can signify more serious problems as well, such as broken or decaying pipes. What’s an easy solution to ward off real problems and an expensive repair bill? Routine drain and pipe cleaning, done by a professional plumbing company, properly licensed and certified.
Drain Pipe Cleaning

There are a number of things that home owners in Southern Ontario can do to help preserve the integrity of their drainage systems, including not placing inappropriate items down drains, controlling tree growth on property, and being able to recognize and respond to clogged drains in a timely fashion. But for reasons of personal and property safety, a professional company should be the only ones to service your drainage pipes. They use state of the art equipment such as power augers with rotating blades and high-pressure hoses to cut through and flush out blockage. They’ll also conduct video camera examinations of the piping system. This allows technicians to not only determine what and where the blockage is, but allows them to look non-intrusively at the whole pipe and potentially spot other problems before they become even worse. Despite the best of intentions, buildup of foreign materials in drainage pipes is a given. Because of this, even in a non-backup situation, pipes should be examined via camera and flushed out annually.

And homeowners needn’t travel across the province to obtain plumbers for this; experts in Southern Ontario are a dime a dozen.In fact, there are numerous highly skilled plumbers in the Kitchener area ready to help at a moment’s notice. With so much choice, though, it can be difficult to find the best of the lot, so take our advice and head to Hypro-drains.com/kitchener-waterloo.php to be in touch with a local plumber who will actually care about you and your community—they’re one of the most reliable services in the region. These local experts can provide drain pipe cleaning and repair services both efficiently and safely, and less expensively too, since they’re not traveling great distances to rescue you from a flood at 2 a.m. And they will be there at any time, since these local technicians offer emergency assistance 24/7.

They won’t just rescue you from clogged pipes. As Ontarians know, pipes freeze as well. If they do not thaw out on their own as temperatures rise, a local professional company should always be called. DIY efforts in these situations have not only resulted in broken pipes, but fires and lethal releases of carbon dioxide. Your local company also offers gas appliance installation, backflow prevention, and tree root cutting, all done by trained, experienced professionals who are properly bonded and insured to not only do this work, but dispose of any resulting wastes, thoroughly clean work areas, and use odour-reducing products as well. Invest in local plumbers, because they invest in your community—because they’re part of it!


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