Why You Need Them for Your Area Rugs

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Rug pads keep your rug in place and protect your floor against damaging substances while reducing wear and tear on your rug by providing a backing. At online retail rug stores such as PaylessRugs.com, you’ll find awide variety of rug pads at affordable prices to meet all your specific needs. When shopping for area rug pads, keep in mind that the thicker the rug pad the more comfort and cushion it will provide.

Following are some of the best-selling types of rug pads on the market:

  1. Vinyl Mesh Rug Pad – Its superior grip strength keeps rugs from sliding and slipping on hard surfaces
  2. Vinyl Waffle Rug Pad – Made of polyester fabric coated with high-grade vinyl
  3. Non-slip Rug Pad – Features polymer coated polyester and carries a 15 year warranty.  It offers extra cushioning, making the Ultra Grip-It ideal to use on all hard surface floors.
  4. Pads with ¼ Inch Extra Cushion – Made of needle-punched synthetic fiber, this high-quality rug pad prevents decomposition and shredding and minimizes mildew and odors even if damp.
  5. Rug To Carpet Pad – If you want to extend the life of your rug, this is the pad you need.  Please note that the rug to carpet pad is only used when placing an area rug upon a carpet.  A Rug To Carpet Pad ‘s open weave construction allows ventilation when you vacuum and evaporates moisture. Plus, you can easily cut the Carpet Grip – Rug To Carpet Pad so it fits any rug in the house.
  6. Natural Rubber Pad  – Made of an open cell natural rubber, this pad offers comfort and resiliency to protect your rug against wear and slipping on hardwood and tile floors.  Tougher, springier and spongier than other rug pads, the Natural Rubber Pad is one of the best rug pads made. It is ideal for all hardwood and carpeted surfaces.
  7. Teebaud Brand Rug Pads – A new anti-skid pad designed for virtually any surface whether it’s hardwood, marble or tile. This economical, lightweight odorless product will not crumble or skid.


Protect and ensure a longer life for your rug by purchasing a rug pad designed to provide safety from slipping and durability.  At PayLessRugs.com you will find a large inventory of rug pads by top manufacturers such as Teebaud at prices you can afford.


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