Your Essential Guide to Choosing the Best Type of Fireplace for Your Home

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Nothing can compare to relaxing in front of a nice, warm fire in your favourite room in your home, especially if you’ve had to brace yourself for the cold outside for hours. So if you are thinking of installing a fireplace in your home, good on you. A fireplace is a great addition to any abode, not only because it keeps your rooms warm and toasty, but also because it adds a distinctive look and style that isn’t matched by any other design element.

But choosing a fireplace isn’t just about the design or material. Yes, there are many different materials ranging from contemporary stone fireplaces and the innovative ‘hole in the wall’ fireplaces to the quintessential, classic marble fireplaces, but you would also have to consider the fuel type to use with it.


image (4)A gas fireplace can be installed most anywhere, and it is ideal for homes which have no chimneys built in. However, keep in mind that a gas fireplace needs to be installed by a technician or engineer who has Gas Safe registration in order to be in line with safety standards and regulations.

You basically have two choices for gas fireplaces. One is to purchase a fireplace with a direct vent, which is equipped with two pipes: one that vents the fumes of gas outside through an externally located wall, and another which makes use of combustion air outside. You also have the choice of a fireplace insert, which can be installed within an existing old chimney – this is ideal if you have an older fireplace which you would like to convert. When you have a gas fireplace, you also have to make sure that the system and the appliances are inspected annually to avoid problems and safety issues.


Electric fireplaces are increasingly gaining popularity nowadays for the simple reason that they are also ideal for homes which do not have built-in chimneys. If your home has no built-in chimney and you would still like to have a fireplace installed, an electric fireplace is a good choice. Electric fireplaces supply you with immediate heat, and they are also easy to maintain. Add to this the fact that they can be used with a variety of materials and designs, such as stone or marble fireplaces, and you’re good to go. Electric fireplaces do not require any remodelling, so they are quite easy to install as well.

Coal or wood

Coal and wood are often used for so-called ‘solid fuel’ fireplaces. If you are thinking of having this type of fireplace, you would need to get permission from HETAS, which is the official UK body that regulates the use of solid fuel heating services and appliances. Fireplaces which make use of coal or wood should also be installed by a registered HETAS provider or contractor.

Your fireplace’s material and design

The good news is that most fireplaces go well with the fuel types mentioned above. For instance, if you have your mind set on a beautiful marble fireplace, you will be happy to know that you have the option of choosing between a gas, coal or wood, or electric fireplace, mostly depending on whether you already have a built-in chimney or not. There are other materials to choose from, such as stone, wood, brick, or limestone, but marble fireplaces from fireplace specialists like remain as popular today as they have been in the last few centuries as they exude a classic, elegant style and design that’s undoubtedly unique.


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